Optima company is one of the leading operators of household appliances, climate equipment, bicycles, tools and consumables in Russia. The branched structure of our organization covers all the needs of traditional and online retail: import, customs, warehousing, transportation to the warehouse and customers, service support.


  • The company was founded in 2007.
  • 8 years of working with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers including HYUNDAI, ZLATMASH, Biryusa, Axion, Nika, LG, Samsung and others.
  • Storage areas in Russia with total area of ​​23 000 m3.
  • More than 500 partners and 900 retail stores in Russia and abroad.
  • Owner of brands of household and climate equipment WILLMARK, OPTIMA.
  • Owner of bicycle and motorcycle brand TORRENT.
  • Owner of its own brand for tools and consumables SHERSHEN '.

Why working with us is convenient:


You want your company’s assortment to differ from others? We offer exclusive supplies of equipment and consumer goods under our brands OPTIMA, WILLMARK, TORRENT, SHERSHEN' for your company.


We can become your reliable supplier from Russia. We may offer you consumer goods, leisure goods, home appliances, bicycles and much more.


Authorized service center will carry out warranty and post-warranty repair of the goods OPTIMA WILLMARK, SHERSHEN' and TORRENT. You can buy all the necessary spare parts for after-sales service in the sales department on the general grounds. We can send needed spare part with the order quantity 1pc!


Own retail network, working in remote settlements is focused on customers with average and low income. It allows to track demand and prepare new proposals. Internet platform quickly integrates with our system, and logistic department delivers goods right into your hands.


If you want to deliver any goods from other countries to Russian market, our company can help you with this. Years of experience in cooperation with China, Republic of Turkey, South Korea has given us the ability to deliver goods from them with the lowest possible prices, to carry out customs clearance, certification and deliver goods to your warehouse.

Logistic Service

Our own autotruck park gives us the ability to deliver goods on the territory of Russian Far East and Siberian Federal District. Our company’s partners help to deliver goods to other parts of the country and abroad by sea, road and rail.